Adipolean II 90 caps

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  • Supports healthy weight management†‡
  • Promotes healthy adipocyte function to support optimal glucose uptake and fat utilization
  • Promotes adiponectin and moderates ghrelin production
  • Maintains antioxidant defenses and cytokine balance

Provides weight management support as part of a healthy lifestyle with a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise.

  • Formulated with a blend of the clinically researched LOWAT® blend of Ayurvedic herbal extracts combined with Oligonol® , a lychee and green tea complex
  • Part of the PureLean® product line
  • Made with high-quality vegetarian ingredients backed by verifiable science


  • Ages 18 and up
  • Healthy weight management

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule, 3 times daily, 30 minutes before meals.


Verifiable Science

AdipoLean II offers a combination of the clinically researched LOWAT®blend of Ayurvedic herbal extracts combined with Oligonol® , a lychee and green tea complex containing low molecular weight polyphenols for enhanced efficacy. Research indicates that both LOWAT® and Oligonol® help maintain healthy adiponectin expression, offering support for healthy insulin function, glucose uptake and fat utilization.1LOWAT® (LI10903F) is a proprietary blend of Piper betle leaf extract and Dolichos biflorus seed extract combined in a specific ratio. Both herbs have been traditionally used to support healthy glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism. In vitro and animal research determined that this combination and ratio provided maximal efficacy.2Research indicates that LOWAT® targets fat breakdown and helps maintain healthy weight management , at least in part due to promoting adiponectin and moderating ghrelin production. In an eight-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 50 overweight subjects following a standard 2,000-calorie-per-day diet, supplementation with 300 mg of the LOWAT® blend three times daily promoted healthy lean mass ratio and an average weight loss of 9.4 pounds, compared to 3.9 pounds in the placebo group (p=0.00005). Supplementation also resulted in an increase in serum adiponectin levels by 15.35% (p=0.0076) and a decrease in serum ghrelin levels by 20.85% (p=0.0066).3 Ghrelin is a peptide hormone associated with appetite. The mechanisms of action for Oligonol® include support for healthy insulin function, adiponectin synthesis and lipolysis. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving 19 individuals, Oligonol® supported healthy visceral fat composition.4‡


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