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This is a testimonial from my patient Lisa Rodriguez:

All to often we only find time to write reviews when we have negative experiences, rarely do we do the opposite. In this case, it is my heartfelt privilege to write this review and relay my daughter’s experience with Dr. Rommel Geronimo, as he has been the health care provider to finally give us a definitive answer to my daughter’s persistent ailments. My daughter, now 12 years old, has had a lifetime of constant sickness, and exhaustion. Kids her age were always on the go around her, playing, exerting energy and having fun, while she always wanted to stay home and relax, because she was “tired”. I would still attempt to keep her active in sports and other activities, but after a normal outing or a game, the next day she was sick. It was always a suspicion of mine that there was some sort of underlying autoimmune issue, however, after years and years of visiting various doctors in quite a few different fields, for quite a few different issues, we were no closer to an answer that before.  In view of this, we decided to look into different types of health care providers and through sheer luck we came across Dr. Geronimo. Within the first few minutes in his office, he identified an issue with her heart rate and asked us if her primary care physician had ever commented to this fact, they had not. We have since learned that she has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a condition that deals with an elevated heart rate. We hence learned from Dr. Geronimo that the same part of the brain that deals with heart rate, additionally deals with the Fight or Flight mechanism and this causes Anxiety, which my daughter also deals with. It finally all ties in, and we have an understanding of what are daughter is dealing with; why her body was always tired and stressed, thus, making her more susceptible to sickness. Dr. Geronimo spent an extensive amount of time explaining this condition and what the best treatment options are.   He has exceeded all our expectations when it comes to her path of recovery and we hope for a life-changing outcome. We knew we were in good hands immediately, because of his calm and direct nature. His presence, kindness, caring and truly gifted diagnostic abilities make him a great find, a great resource, a healer that can be trusted to work in your best interest.  

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